About Bald Move

Why “Bald Move”?

Jim and A.Ron grew up as huge nerds.  Gaming of both the board and video variety as well as Star Trek were ways of life.  Frequently when an opponent would do something rash, unexpected, or bold, they would cast a steely gaze across the table and say, “that’s a bald move, Picard.”  Because, you know, Picard is bald, terrible puns are funny, and now it’s the name of the network.

The Story

Jim and A.Ron grew up together and have been friends for over 20 years.  It is a friendship born of a shared experience growing up in a cult, our love of sci-fi, video games, board games, and curiosity about the world and larger universe.  They have many times over the years collaborated on creative, personal, and business ventures, with Bald Move being the one that has stuck.

After a few rounds of beers and brainstorming for a URL, BaldMove.com was started on March 24th, 2010. Now, six years, dozens of shows, thousands of podcasts, and millions of downloads later, Bald Move has gone full time.  Podcasting out of a small studio in Cincinnati, OH, they generate hundreds of hours of video, audio, and gaming content each year.  

The mission is the same: to deliver passionate, fan-first, honest commentary on our favorite television shows.  They have been joined by legions of fellow fans world wide, and their humor, intelligence, and generous support allows us to keep on keeping on.  Jim and A.Ron are incredibly proud of Bald Move and the community that has formed around it, and are thankful for all the help you’ve given over the years.


About the Hosts

Jim Jones

Gamer. Developer. Coffee-drinker. Cyborg?


A.Ron Hubbard

A.Ron lives in Cincinnati with his wife / occasional podcast co-host Cecily and his son "MineDragon". A programmer by trade, A.Ron turned in his compiler for mics and mixers to work full time on Bald Move in 2014.  In his off time he enjoys reading, television, gaming, archery, television, motorcycling, camping, and more television.